‘I am Mosby,’ The Perfect Special Operation

Special operations and irregular warfare are shaping the future of the world. Irregular forces have sparked regional wars and shut down vital transport routes as covert operations seek to influence elections. What’s old is new. The inspiration for modern American special operations and covert operations comes from the untold story of the Civil War. One […]

Disgraced Ex-Baltimore District Attorney Marilyn Mosby Convicted of Mortgage Fraud

Disgraced former Baltimore district attorney Marilyn Mosby sobbed in court Tuesday after being found guilty of mortgage fraud. The sentence could carry decades in prison. The Democratic Party served as president from 2015 until losing his re-election bid in 2022. was indicted For perjury and mortgage fraud charges related to the withdrawal of funds from […]

Former Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby found guilty of 1 count of mortgage fraud

Former Baltimore City Attorney Marilyn Mosby was found guilty of one count of mortgage fraud after testifying that she unintentionally made false statements on loan applications to purchase two vacation homes in Florida. The Associated Press reported that after the jury deliberated for most of the day, a split verdict was announced Tuesday night, acquitting […]

Former Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Convicted of Perjury

Marilyn Mosby, a left-wing former Baltimore state attorney, was convicted of a crime Thursday about perjury. Mr. Mosby said in response to questions from reporters as he left the courthouse. Said It said, “I’m blessed. There’s nothing else to say,” WBAL-TV reported. Former Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby found guilty of two counts of perjury […]

Marilyn Mosby Convicted Of Perjury

A federal jury in Maryland on Thursday convicted former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby of perjury, according to local media reports. The jury returned a guilty verdict against Mosby after seven hours of deliberation, The Baltimore Banner report. Mosby was brought to a grand jury in January 2022 after federal prosecutors accused her of […]

Former Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby found guilty on 2 counts of perjury

Former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been found guilty by a federal jury of two counts of perjury. A federal jury returned its verdict Thursday, saying Mosby was facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to withdraw funds from the city’s retirement fund, prosecutors said. He was found guilty of […]