Mel Tucker claims ‘other motives at play’ in Michigan State decision

Suspended Michigan State University football coach Mel Tucker fired back at the school on Tuesday, a day after the school began the process of terminating his contract in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations. In a statement released by attorney Neil Kornrich, Tucker was accused of sexually harassing activist and rape victim Brenda Tracy over […]

Why Did Lucy Letby, A UK Nurse, Murder Babies? Investigators List Motives

Lucy Levy’s youngest victim was one day old. London: Nurse Lucy Levy was found guilty Friday of murdering seven infants and attempting to kill six others, making her one of Britain’s worst medical serial killers. Her youngest victim was one day old. While the reasons behind the 33-year-old’s actions may never be fully explained, jurors […]

Corporate Media’s Feigned Concern For The Crisis Of Masculinity Obscures Much Darker Motives

Washington Post opinion columnist Christine Amber has published a rambling social assessment of masculinity in modern America. Shockingly, she admitted that conservatives were right. In fact, there is a crisis of masculinity that only the right is addressing. But her anti-awakening supporters miss the fact that she’s more worried about maladjusted men undermining the “common […]

Nashville school shooting manifesto: Why killers write about motives

Audrey Hale, 28, who killed six people at a Christian elementary school in Nashville in late March, including three nine-year-olds, is said to have left behind a manifesto, artwork and other writings. police. However, the documents have not yet been made public and a lawsuit has been filed seeking their release. Police have not released […]

Bombshell Durham report confirms FBI, Justice Department had these radical motives

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. The FBI helped carry out the Russian hoax. The agency had no plausible evidence or verified information when it wrongfully launched a wide-ranging and damaging investigation into Donald Trump. Nothing has been vetted or corroborated. In fact, the FBI knew from the beginning that it was a […]

He’s Factually ‘Correct’ — ‘His Motives Might Be Mixed’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN News Central, CNN National Security Analyst Juliette Kayem commented: Report from CNN According to law enforcement sources, part of the purpose of the Louisville bank shooter was that this statement by the shooter was “correct.” but “his motives may be mixed.” Co-host Jim Squitt said, “Law enforcement sources told CNN […]

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers deny racist motives in federal appeals

The three white men convicted in the 2020 murder of Ahmad Arbery have appealed to overturn federal hate crimes, claiming there was no racial motive behind the killing. “Any crime committed against an African-American by a man who has used racist language in the past is not a hate crime,” attorney Pete Theodosion wrote on […]