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Rolling Stone TERRIFIED Oliver Anthony: Mumford banjoist

If you’ve spent time on social media over the past week, you’ve probably scrolled through videos that clearly capture the heart of America. Country musician Oliver Anthony went from obscurity to the top of the iTunes charts when his song “Rich Men North of Richmond” went viral overnight. The song features lyrics such as “Lord, […]

Blacklisted Mumford & Sons Guitarist Apologizes for Nothing

Two years ago, Mumford & Sons guitarist Winston Marshall was a rock star on the road. He then sent a “wrong” tweet. This caused him to lose his job, status and lifestyle. Even today Marshall withdraws from the enlightened Gestapo and refuses to prostitute his soul and integrity. Blasphemy of Marshall?He praised journalist Andy Go […]

Canceled Mumford & Sons banjo player lets Bill Maher know how he responded to outrage mob: ‘I retracted the apology’

Enraged progressives accused Marshall of being a Nazi and a “xsofascist” because Marshall blessed Ngo’s “important book.” Additionally, alleged Mumford & Sons fans threatened to stop listening to their music unless Marshall was kicked out of the band. Marshall responded to the controversy by apologizing for his endorsement and the “pain caused by the book.” […]