DEROY MURDOCK: Tucker Carlson Just Demolished The Left’s Lies About Jan. 6

Lies, lies, lies. And I might add: Lies and more lies. Fox News colleague Tucker Carlson refuted multiple lies this week that Democrats and their Dinosaur Media bodyguards have been trafficked since January 6, 2021. Riot. The unreliable Democrats (and their “Republican” minions) buried these recordings. I understand why. To expose them to the sun […]

DEROY MURDOCK: Here Are Some Shining Examples Of Pure Dem Insanity

Today’s Democrat Party, led by trillion dollar man Joe Biden, has collapsed into a psychopathic conglomeration bolstered by police power, perpetual motion currency printing machines, and easy access to nuclear weapons. is there? Damn near all. Democrats have spent much of the last generation healing southern blacks brutalized by Jim Crow racism. They promoted legal […]