OPI pokes fun at Tom Sandoval being trolled for ‘ruining’ white nail polish

OPI is officially #TeamAriana. after glamor Article published The nail polish brand mourned the loss of its most popular white shade Friday, joking that Tom Sandoval “ruined” it by making it his go-to nail polish color. Branded TikTok Posts A bottle of nail polish was placed over a black background with the captions “Rest in […]

I thought I had a ‘bruise’ on my nail — it turned out to be deadly cancer

She got it right. A Scottish manicurist is credited with discovering thin brown streaks under a client’s nails that led to the diagnosis of melanoma. Stacey Boss, 32, said she ignored the mark on her right thumbnail for a while until a nail technician discovered it in November 2019 and advised her to see a […]

Horowitz: It’s time to put a nail in the coffin of the mask religion once and for all

A new randomized controlled trial A sample size of 40,000 children wearing masks in a community setting in Guinea-Bissau showed that the control group actually performed slightly better than the mask group (not statistically significant). We already knew that masks wouldn’t stop the spread, but some have made the bizarre theory that masks reduce viral […]