NY lawmakers must OK more than just Narcan to fight fentanyl

Good news: Fentanyl overdose ‘recovery’ drug is saving lives across the country. Bad news: Opioid-related OD deaths are skyrocketing in New York (from 18 in 1999 to 4,950 in 2022), and it takes four to five doses of Narcan to revive a fentanyl victim. is often required, yet states have refused to implement fentanyl-specific remedies. […]

Rising adolescent drug overdoses force schools to keep Narcan supply on hand

Cleveland, Texas – The number of fentanyl-related youth overdoses has been rising for more than a decade, prompting some school districts to stock up on the opioid recovery drug Narcan. Stephen McCanless, superintendent of the Cleveland Independent School District in suburban Houston, Texas, said the shocking statistics prompted him to take these necessary precautions. “During […]

California cops give Narcan to dog they say overdosed on fentanyl

Police in Southern California have released body camera footage showing an officer giving a puppy Narcan and overdosing while protecting two people arrested for drug possession. Caleb Aaron Gibson, 29, of San Juan Capistrano, and Katherine Marylou Menke, 27, of Santa Ana, were arrested at Walmart on the morning of September 6, Irvine Police say. […]

Soup kitchen installs 24-hour Narcan stand to combat massive spike in opioid deaths

A soup kitchen in Saginaw County, Michigan, worked with a local nonprofit to set up an outdoor 24/7 Nalkan stand. WNEM reported on a new Narcan stand offering a brand-name version of Naxolone, a drug that rapidly reverses overdoses by blocking the action of opioids. East Side Soup Kitchen worked in partnership with the TEN16 […]

Chihuahua puppies revived with Narcan after suffering overdoses on LI

The owners of two adorable Chihuahua puppies named Freddie and Tonto who suffered a cocaine overdose and had to be resuscitated in Nalcan, Long Island, have now been charged, authorities announced Friday. Suffolk County SPCA Director Roy Gross said in a statement that when Suffolk County SPCA officials responded Thursday, a 15-week-old male puppy was […]

I have Narcan in my house. Now you can, too.

“Do you know where I can get Narkan? I did, and by the time she boarded the plane, this mother had three Narcan nasal spray dispensers in her handbag and a quick primer on how to administer them: ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and I put it in with some bandages. she was ready. In March, the Food […]

New York City Vending Machine Offers Free Narcan and Crack Pipes to Residents

New York City has set up vending machines selling free crack pipes, fentanyl test strips, Narcan (an overdose remedy) and condoms. Public health officials unveiled the machine Monday at 1676 Broadway in Brooklyn and ABC7 in New York. report. The machine was empty in less than 24 hours after installation. according to To new york […]

Poodle revived with Narcan after being found unconscious

Poodle Toodle was lucky enough to be alive after police found the little poodle unconscious next to its owner on the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both were alleged to have overdosed on fentanyl. The SPCA’s Philadelphia facility shared that it received a call on Monday, April 17, from a local hospital, the Blue Pearl Emergency […]