Scientific expert claims ‘zero’ evidence for natural COVID-19 origin

A panel of scientists held a fierce debate Tuesday over whether COVID-19 emerged from a laboratory accident or spread naturally from animals to humans, with one expert declaring there is “zero evidence” of a natural outbreak of the pandemic that has claimed millions of lives worldwide. “The evidence is overwhelming that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that […]

Climate Change Is Normal and Natural, and Can’t Be Controlled

Editors’ Note: The global warming crowd would like nothing better than to convince you that we are in a climate crisis and that they need to grab COVID-like emergency powers to dictate how you live your life. If it were not for the sinister nature of the movement, which wishes to control everything from the […]

DAVID BLACKMON: Biden’s Mad War On Natural Gas Will Not End Well For Americans

While Biden administration regulators are moving to deem the construction of new natural gas power plants too costly to justify, there is a growing consensus in the analyst community that meeting the growing electricity demand from AI will require a significant expansion of natural gas generation to ensure grid stability. In just 20 days between […]

Researchers make massive lithium discovery in Pennsylvania natural gas wells

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh have discovered a huge amount of lithium in Pennsylvania that they say could eventually supply more than a third of the United States’ mineral needs. “The results suggest that the effects of aging on the immune system may be related to the severity of the disease,” said researcher Justin […]

7 injured after natural gas explosion damages building in Youngstown, Ohio

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) — A natural gas explosion occurred in an Ohio city on Tuesday, causing extensive damage to a building and injuring seven people, authorities said. Surveillance camera footage shows a gas explosion at a Chase Bank building in downtown Youngstown, Ohio. Worldwide The explosion in Youngstown, which happened around 2:45 p.m., damaged the […]

NYC Museum of Natural History’s Native exhibit gathers dust

The American Museum of Natural History’s shuttered Native American exhibits are still gathering dust four months after they closed, and tribal groups are “blocking” the return of the priceless items. “It has said. In January, the Manhattan Museum’s new director, Sean Decatur, closed the Eastern Woodlands and Great Plains exhibit hall, which displayed artifacts from […]

Washington State Dept. Of Natural Resources Mocks ‘Awareness’ Months In One Explosive Post

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources absolutely nailed the absurdity of “Awareness” months in a single explosive post reshared on social media Wednesday. “Awareness” months are arguably some of the silliest things we’ve created as a species; a virtue signal designed to make big businesses look like they care about us plebs. This vomit-inducing […]