Kari Lake tries to thread the needle on abortion after Arizona Supreme Court ruling

Senate Republican candidate Kari Lake is clarifying her stance on abortion while also pushing Republican lawmakers in Arizona to repeal a 19th-century restriction on abortion that was upheld by the state Supreme Court this week, shaking up the campaign in the critical battleground state.  After the court ruling on Tuesday that upheld an 1864 Civil […]

Nebraska considers amending law to allow needle exchanges

Nebraska is proposing a bill that would allow pharmacies and health care programs to distribute hypodermic needles used for illegal drugs to prevent the spread of the disease. bill 307 The bill passed the Nebraska state House on a 37-2 vote, but must be approved by another vote before it is ultimately referred to Republican […]

Pennsylvania parent takes bite into trick-or-treat candy, finds sewing needle: police

An observant parent in Pennsylvania made a disturbing discovery after taking a bite of their child’s food. Halloween Police were called to find a sewing needle stuck inside the candy. According to the Silver Spring County Sheriff’s Office, at 7:03 p.m. Tuesday on Halloween, officers were dispatched to the first block of Pine Hill Avenue […]

80-year-old Russian woman found living with needle in brain

An 80-year-old Russian woman has lived her entire life with a needle more than an inch long stuck in her brain, stunned doctors have revealed. Medics on the remote Russian island of Sakhalin in the Pacific Ocean have concluded that the needles are likely evidence of a failed attempt by her parents to kill her […]

Second GOP debate fails to move needle away from Trump: poll

Efforts by Republican presidential candidates to shift popularity away from former President Trump during the second Republican debate failed, according to the latest polls. of Messenger/Harris Poll More than a quarter of respondents are likely to vote for Trump, who remains the Republican front-runner despite deepening legal issues following Wednesday night’s primary debate, according to […]

DeSantis threads needle on Trump Jan. 6 news

former President Trump He said he was notified he was being targeted Department of JusticeInvestigation into January 6, 2021 Capitol shootings and efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis He continued his course of dealing with Trump’s legal problems, alleging prosecutors were biased against him. He also […]

JESSE WATTERS: DeSantis isn’t moving the needle at all

Fox News host Jesse Watters discusses the controversial 2024 Republican primary.jesse watters prime time. ” Jesse Waters: that’s a good line. Even if Trump is elected, he will only serve a four-year term. DeSantis can serve But so far, DeSantis hasn’t moved the needle at all. DeSantis is up just 2% since his announcement, according […]