CIA chief to meet with negotiators to push Gaza hostage deal: report

President Biden plans to have CIA Director Bill Burns meet with negotiators from Qatar, Egypt and Israel to help broker a deal that would see Hamas release all hostages in exchange for a Gaza ceasefire, officials say. I made it. Burns is scheduled to visit Europe in the coming days and meet with Qatari Prime […]

US trade negotiators block an EU tariff on bourbon, for now

American whiskey and bourbon distillers were drowning in a river of their own whiskey. In return, they avoided steep tariffs. Starting January 1, the European Union was planning to impose a staggering 50% tariff on spirits produced in the United States. But an emergency ceasefire brokered by U.S. and European trade negotiators prevented what could […]

Netanyahu pulls negotiators from Qatar claiming talks hit ‘dead end’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pulled his country’s negotiators from Qatar and called off hostage negotiations, citing an “stalemate” with Hamas. So far, negotiations have resulted in a one-week ceasefire and the release of more than 100 hostages and 240 Palestinian prisoners held by Hamas. Fighting resumed in the conflict on Friday, but the […]

Negotiators Push For New 2-Day Extension Of Gaza Truce: Egypt

The initiative follows a last-minute extension of the cease-fire period by seven days on Thursday. (File) Cairo: Egyptian and Qatari negotiators are seeking a new two-day extension to the Gaza Strip ceasefire agreement, along with increased prisoner releases and increased provision of humanitarian aid, Egyptian state media announced on Thursday did. The effort follows a […]

Negotiators in Qatar Have Divided Hostages into Groups, Like Cattle

Qatari negotiators in Doha are trying to negotiate the release of more groups of Israeli hostages by dividing them into groups and categories, like livestock, and trying to negotiate different prices for each group. . This humiliating exercise is itself a public relations victory for Hamas, allowing the terrorist organization to demand different prices for […]

UAW And Ford Negotiators Reach Agreement On New Contract

The United Auto Workers (UAW) and Ford Motor Co. reached a deal Wednesday that could end the union’s six-week strike, Ford confirmed in a press release. The UAW and Ford reached a four-year deal Wednesday that includes a 25% pay increase, The New York Times reported. report. The agreement also includes cost of living adjustments; […]

International negotiators agree to craft treaty to end plastic pollution

An international negotiating team has agreed to create a convention to end plastic pollution, with a draft due to be submitted in November. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) said: release On Saturday, the second session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee, established to: development A legally binding document on plastic pollution was signed in Paris, […]

GOP debt ceiling negotiators say day ended with ‘significant gap’ between sides

Republican negotiators warned the White House and Republicans over a debt ceiling deal with nine days left until June 1, when the Treasury Department announced the U.S. could default. He warned that “significant chasms” remain among lawmakers. The fundamental problem is the top line of discretionary spending, Republican negotiators Garrett Graves (R, Louisiana) and Rep. […]


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