Video Emerges of Bibas Family Abduction in Gaza; Netanyahu Reacts

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog on Monday renewed their calls for the release of all Israeli hostages, reacting to the release of surveillance video showing the Oct. 7 abduction of Shiri Vibas and her young children. Bivas and her young children, Ariel, 4, and Kfir, 1, were abducted and are believed […]

Brazil’s Lula Accuses Israel Of ‘Genocide’ In Gaza, Netanyahu Reacts

“This is a war between a highly prepared military and women and children,” he said (File) Brazil: Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Sunday accused Israel of committing “genocide” against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, likening the act to Adolf Hitler’s campaign to exterminate Jews. . In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin […]

Netanyahu Defies Biden with Unanimous Vote Against Imposed Palestinian State

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defied US President Joe Biden on Sunday by submitting a peace plan for his government that included an externally imposed Palestinian state to a vote, which was unanimously rejected. Prime Minister Netanyahu followed the example of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. continuation Pressure on Israel to accept a Palestinian […]

Netanyahu On Halting Gaza Truce Talks

Prime Minister Netanyahu said there was no reason for them to return “until we see change.” Tel Aviv, Israel: Israel sent negotiators to negotiate a ceasefire in Cairo at the request of US President Joe Biden, but did not return to further negotiations because Hamas’ demands were “delusional”, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday. […]

Families of hostages demand Netanyahu immediately continue hostage negotiations

Families of hostages held by Hamas called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday to continue negotiations immediately as efforts toward a ceasefire stall. “We want an agreement. As members of the hostage families, we want our families to return home immediately. If we can’t reach an agreement soon, the people who need to […]

Domestic Support for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on the Rise

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s domestic approval ratings are rising as Israel’s war against Hamas progresses, according to poll numbers released Tuesday. Israel’s Channel 14 published on Tuesday night the results of a survey conducted by Direct Polls, which showed that if elections were held now, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party would receive 28 mandates, […]


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