Denmark Concludes Nord Stream Blast Sabotage Without Naming Suspect

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark joined Sweden on Monday in finalizing its investigation into the 2022 explosion that damaged the Nord Stream gas pipeline, with authorities saying there was deliberate sabotage. However, it was announced that it had concluded that there was “no sufficient basis” to pursue criminal proceedings. Danish authorities said the investigation was […]

Russia-Ukraine war live: Denmark ends Nord Stream blast investigation but blames deliberate sabotage | Ukraine

Denmark concludes investigation into Nord Stream bombing, but concludes there was intentional sabotage Denmark announced on Monday it had suspended its investigation into the 2022 explosion on the Nord Stream pipeline carrying Russian gas to Germany, and Sweden had also ended another investigation, Reuters reported. It became the second country after The multibillion-dollar Nord Stream […]

America Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline, Claims President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Tucker Carlson that, in his view, the United States has the motive and means to blow up the Nord Stream gas pipeline, and this claim is in no way linked to Sweden’s decision to detonate it. This followed just a few days after an unsatisfactory investigation report. Russian President Vladimir […]

Sweden Ends Nord Stream Investigation Without Identifying Culprit

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Swedish authorities said Wednesday they have no jurisdiction over the September 2022 explosion on the undersea Nord Stream gas pipeline built to carry Russian natural gas to Germany. announced that they had decided to close the investigation. The Swedish investigation was only one of three related to the explosion. Denmark and […]

Ukraine Praises Trump for Sanctions on Nord Stream Pipeline

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in an interview Wednesday that he doesn't necessarily think U.S. support for Ukraine's war effort will diminish if former President Donald Trump is elected president in 2024. Mr. Kleba explained: “Trump is someone you can work with. He just needs to know how to do it.” Cleva I got […]

‘Has Any of Our Money Gone Towards the Nord Stream 2 Bombing?’

On Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) raised questions about the apparent sabotage of the 2022 Nord Stream 2. . Ukrainian soldiers revealed to be involved It has surfaced. “Senator, if this is true, it appears to be true because all the evidence points to this. So why should […]

Top Ukrainian Military Officer Coordinated Nord Stream Attack: Report

No one has taken responsibility for the 2022 Nord Stream natural gas pipeline explosion. (File) Kyiv: The Washington Post reported on Saturday that Ukrainian military officers coordinated last year’s attack on the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline, citing anonymous sources in Ukraine and Europe. No one has taken responsibility for the September 2022 explosion off […]

Top Ukrainian Military Officer ‘Coordinated’ Nord Stream Sabotage: Report

The Nord Stream natural gas pipeline bombing, one of the most serious economic attacks in the history of the European Union, was orchestrated by senior Ukrainian military officials with ties to Kiev’s intelligence services. washington post report. in report was announced on conjunction german news magazine der speigel, washington postciting unnamed European and Ukrainian officials, […]

Senior Ukrainian official coordinated Nord Stream pipeline attack: report

A former Ukrainian official was the orchestrator of the explosions that ruptured the natural gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, the Washington Post reported, citing Ukrainian officials and European sources, and the German periodical Der.・Reported in conjunction with Der Spiegel. Roman Chervinsky, a former commander of one of Ukraine’s special forces, was […]