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Heat dome to settle over Northeast and bring dry, sweltering heat to NYC

A heat wave spread across the Northeast on Tuesday, while New York City is expected to experience dry, bitterly cold temperatures through the week, with temperatures reaching above 90 degrees. Fox Weather meteorologists told The Washington Post that the natural phenomenon is caused by hot air trapped in one area, and that temperatures in New […]

Giant, Venomous, Flying Spiders Coming to U.S. Northeast

An invasion of “giant” venomous flying spiders is looming in the northeastern US, and ecologists say it’s “not a question of if they will migrate up the coast, but when.” The orb spider is native to East Asia, It’s been found The hummingbird, which has been spotted in the US since 2014, has a leg […]

Biden releases reserve gasoline in Northeast

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm described the effort as “a strategic release of these reserves” in a statement about the announcement Tuesday. From Memorial Day to July 4th” She said this is being done to “ensure there is sufficient supply in the tri-state area and the Northeast at a time when hardworking Americans need it most.” […]

Thousands of Civilians Evacuated from Northeast Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Thousands more civilians are being evacuated from a new Russian ground offensive targeting towns and villages in northeastern Ukraine with a barrage of artillery and mortar fire, officials said. It was announced on Sunday. Heavy fighting has forced at least one Ukrainian military unit to withdraw from the Kharkiv region, leaving […]

Quick-moving storm system to produce round of thunderstorms over Northeast on Sunday

Saturday felt wintry for some in the Northeast, but a fast-moving storm system moving out of the Great Lakes could bring showers and thunderstorms into Sunday. The FOX Prediction Center predicts thunderstorms will develop from late morning into the afternoon as they move northwest to southeast across the region. The Storm Prediction Center emphasizes that […]