Sexual assaults are down in the US military. Here’s what to know about the numbers

Pentagon officials say an overall decline in reported sexual assaults among active-duty military personnel and military academies shows that leaders are finally addressing a long-standing problem. I am cautiously optimistic that this is an indication. Beth Foster, executive director of the Pentagon’s Office of Military Resilience, said Thursday that “DOD leadership has made this a […]

‘Nothing You’re Doing … Is Working’: Doocy Doesn’t Let KJP Off The Hook Over Biden’s Bad Poll Numbers

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to explain why polls have shown President Joe Biden is widely unpopular during Tuesday’s briefing. Multiple polls have indicated that Americans are favoring former President Donald Trump over Biden six months ahead of the 2024 election, with one recent Bloomberg/Morning Consult […]

Gotaway numbers spike under Biden

The number of vacations nationwide has skyrocketed during President Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House, according to statistics reported by FOX News’ Bill Melgin. shown He said he obtained more than a decade’s worth of data through a Freedom of Information Act request. The numbers include 104,294 people in 2017. In 2018, the number […]

Biden’s Numbers Are So ‘Bad,’ He Had to Debate

Former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove said Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “American Report” that President Joe Biden has to agree to debate former President Donald Trump because his numbers are “bad.” He said that it did not happen. “I’m not surprised that there’s going to be a debate, but I’m surprised that I […]

The 10 most common 4-digit PIN numbers — are you at risk of a cyberattack?

This Pin may make it easier to target you. Many people have difficulty choosing and remembering a passcode, especially when using a four-digit PIN. However, if you plan on defaulting to something as simple as 1-2-3, you may want to reconsider making it your password. A new cybersecurity study reveals the most popular pins people […]

White House blames pandemic, Russia war on Biden’s dismal swing poll numbers

The White House has cited the pandemic and the war with Russia and Ukraine as part of the reason for President Biden’s lagging poll numbers in key battleground states as he concludes the final year of his current term. White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre came up with this excuse during Tuesday’s White House press […]

Biden In Denial Over Polling Numbers

The Pro-Trump News homepage sees 60 new headlines every 24 hours. Click here to take a look. Joe Biden’s polls are not good. His approval ratings are low, polling far worse than during the same period in 2020. On May 14, 2020, Joe Biden had a 4.5 approval rating lead over Donald Trump, according to […]