Morgan Spurlock obituary | Morgan Spurlock

Few filmmakers can say their work has changed the real world, but Morgan Spurlock has a stronger claim than most: His 2004 documentary, Super Size Me, an expose on how the fast-food industry contributes to America’s obesity epidemic, seemed to have a direct impact on McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain. Shortly before the film’s […]

How scammers have sunk to a new low with an AI obituary scam targeting the grieving

As if scammers couldn’t get any lower, a new online scam is taking advantage of people who are grieving. This is a bizarre pirate scam that uses artificial intelligence to collect data and build fake obituary websites, exploiting the information of deceased people to defraud vulnerable victims. A woman grieving at a graveyard. (Kurt “Cyber […]

NY Times edits OJ Simpson obituary which stated ‘his world was ruined’

The New York Times was forced to edit O.J. Simpson’s obituary after it outraged readers: “His world was destroyed when he was charged with murdering his ex-wife and her friend.” Simpson, a former NFL Hall of Fame running back who went on to become a movie star and celebrity salesman for brands such as Hertz, […]

LA Times’ Trump gaffe in OJ Simpson’s obituary goes viral

Los Angeles Times is ridiculed for excruciating errors in its article Obituary of Mr. O.J. Simpson — suggesting that former President Donald Trump was serving a prison sentence for a murderer defendant. “On a fall morning in 2017, long before the city woke up, Mr. Trump walked out of the Lovelock Correctional Center outside Reno, […]

LA Times Makes All-Time Typo In OJ Simpson Obituary With Trump Gaffe

News of the death of infamous football legend and actor O.J. Simpson has dominated headlines across the country. But it appears at least one news organization still had former President Donald Trump’s name in mind when writing his obituary. The Los Angeles Times published an obituary for the former San Francisco 49ers on Thursday after […]

Evan Stark obituary | Domestic violence

American sociologist Evan Stark, who has died at the age of 82, developed a new understanding of domestic violence in his book Coercive Control: How We Entrap Women in Our Private Lives (2007). Since then, it has been taken up by governments, the judicial system, activists and social groups. survivors around the world. He argued […]

Louis Gossett Jr obituary | Movies

Actor Lou Gossett Jr., who has died at the age of 87, was best known for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley in An Officer and a Gentleman (1982), whose rigorous training helped recruit Richard Gere He transforms into the man of the movie’s title. He was the first black person to win the […]

Joe Lieberman obituary | US politics

Joe Lieberman, who died in 2000 at the age of 82 due to complications from a fall, midway through his 24 years as a U.S. senator from Connecticut, was chosen as Al Gore’s running mate in the 2000 presidential election. He became the first and currently only presidential candidate. A major political party’s Jewish vice […]

Michael Jayston obituary | Television

Actor Michael Jayston, who has died at the age of 88, was an outstanding actor on stage and screen. The roles that made him famous were as the doomed Tsar Nicholas II in Franklin Schaffner’s gorgeous tale of the end of the Romanov dynasty, Nicholas and Alexandra (1971), and in John le Carré’s He played […]

US Woman Pens Scathing Obituary About “Violent, Hateful and Cruel” Mother

The daughter accused her mother of a series of abuses and cheating. (Representative photo) A woman in the US has written a scathing obituary about her “violent, hateful and cruel” mother.according to independent, The deleted obituary for Linda Larnall Harvey Cullum Smith Stull was written by her 54-year-old daughter Gail Harvey Heckman. In her obituary, […]