Grand Inquisitor Says Oops [A Covid Story]

Francis Collins was head of the National Institutes of Health – Anthony Fauci’s parent bureaucracy – during the wreckage caused by the Covid response. Ultimately, Dr. Collins bears a huge measure of the responsibility for the disaster, even if he played the role of the stooge. It was he who wrote Fauci with the demand […]

Oops! Texas Rep profanity-laden meltdown, being recorded

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas was arrested for using profanity and abusive language toward a staffer whom she described as a “fucking idiot.” “You received a piece of paper from the woman about what Duncantel owned. Where is it? What day is it?” Jackson Lee asked the staff. The employee hands the piece […]

Oops! How to get back email you accidentally deleted on an Apple device

Have you ever wondered what happens to your emails when you empty your Trash folder? You might think they’re gone forever. That’s not always the case. This is good news for those who might accidentally delete important emails that they still need. That’s what happened to Birgitte of McLean, Virginia. “I emptied my Trash folder, […]