OR jail faces federal lawsuit after inmate dies during opioid withdrawal

An Oregon man has filed a federal lawsuit alleging wrongful death and negligence in the case of his daughter, who took her own life while recovering from opioids in a county jail. The lawsuit alleges the county failed to provide adequate treatment for the daughter’s physical and mental health needs. Prisons in other states have […]

Kentucky AG sues Kroger for its role in opioid crisis

Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman filed a lawsuit Monday against one of the nation’s largest grocery chains, accusing its pharmacies of helping fuel the state’s deadly opioid addiction crisis. The lawsuit against Kroger claims that the company’s more than 100 pharmacies in Kentucky accounted for more than 11% of all opioid pills dispensed in the […]

DEA reverses decision against Louisiana drug distributor blamed for contributing to opioid crisis

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has rescinded an earlier order stripping the company of its license for failing to properly monitor shipments of tens of millions of addictive painkillers allegedly fueled by opioids. One pharmaceutical wholesaler was allowed to continue operating. crisis. As part of the settlement announced Wednesday, Morris & Dixon admitted wrongdoing, agreed […]

VA doctor convicted for prescribing 500K opioid doses given new trial

A Virginia doctor sentenced to 40 years in prison for prescribing highly addictive opioids more than 500,000 times over a two-year period has been ruled by a federal appeals court, saying instructions given to jurors in his trial misrepresented the law. He was granted a retrial. . Joel Smithers was convicted in 2019 of more […]

Pennsylvania state courts ordered to allow opioid withdrawal medication

A state court in Pennsylvania is being asked to allow someone on probation to continue taking medication for opioid withdrawal. The plaintiffs had previously been prohibited from taking these drugs, and some were experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. The settlement includes provisions to train judges and court officials to prevent interference with medications such as methadone. […]

Publicis Health Agrees To $350M Settlement Over Role In America’s Opioid Epidemic

(Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images) OAN’s Avril Elfie6:16pm – Thursday, February 1, 2024 Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell has filed a lawsuit against Publicis Health to resolve allegations that the company helped OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma fuel the deadly opioid epidemic in the United States. announced that it would pay a national settlement […]

Opioid settlement funds can help create and expand recovery housing

In 1987, the American Medical Association officially declared addiction a chronic disease. Recently, it has become clear that this disease has permeated every aspect of our society. The most recent available data shows that nearly half of U.S. adults have experienced drug use problems in their family. The actual number may actually be even higher. […]

New Hampshire residents seek answers from 2024 candidates on opioid crisis

New Hampshire had the second-highest drug overdose death rate in 2015, but that number is on the rise again, reaching 486 deaths in 2022. Some New Hampshire residents have expressed skepticism about whether the current presidential candidates will effectively address the opioid crisis. Former Governor Chris Christie, who led a bipartisan commission on opioid abuse, […]


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