Italy retrial ordered for Americans in killing of officer

Italy’s Supreme Court has ordered a retrial of two American citizens convicted of killing an Italian police officer during a sting operation. Late Wednesday, the Court of Cassation handed down guilty verdicts of Finnegan Lee Elder, now 23, and Gabriel Natale Hyos, 22, who were convicted of stabbing a 35-year-old carabinieri to death during a […]

Soros-backed George Gascón Ordered to Pay $1.5 Million for Retaliation Against Critic

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon was ordered Monday to pay $1.5 million in civil damages to prosecutors who said he was punished for opposing his radical “criminal justice reform” policies. Sean Randolph, a veteran prosecutor who led the county’s juvenile prosecution, criticized Gascon’s ban on juvenile defendants from being tried as adults, among […]

Boston sports radio host suspended without pay over racially ‘insensitive’ joke, and employees ordered to undergo sensitivity training

A Boston, Massachusetts, sports radio host has been suspended without pay for making seemingly indifferent racist comments. Co-host Mike Felger announced that Tony Massarotti was suspended from the show “Felger and Maz” by Sportshub 98.5 on Tuesday. to the Boston Herald. “Maz won’t be joining us today,” Felger said. “Beasley Media strives to create a […]

No Debris Recovered from ‘Airborne Objects’ Biden Ordered Shot Down

According to the U.S. Northern Command, no debris was recovered from the “aircraft” that President Joe Biden ordered shot down over Alaska and Lake Huron last weekend. In a press release late Friday night, the military command said it had halted restoration work. “U.S. Northern Command recommends ending search operations today near Deadhorse, Alaska and […]

Vermont gun range owner ordered to dismantle all illegal structures on property

A Vermont man threatens his neighbors with the need to remove all unauthorized construction at his 30-acre firearms training center in Paulette by the summer. Known as Slate Ridge, the facility includes multiple buildings and two shooting ranges and is approximately the size of 30 soccer fields. Authorities say owner Daniel Bangyai built the facility […]