FDIC Consent Orders Highlight FinTech Risk to Finance –

It is well documented that banks and fintechs, once primarily competitors, are collaborating on financial services innovation. But for banks that partner with these digital-only companies, regulators are also at play, which may require new approaches to how they build and maintain partnerships, and in turn, Banks may have to weigh risks and benefits. Call […]

Texas judge orders release of illegal aliens after they mobbed National Guard troops, rioted

On March 21, a horde of migrants from Venezuela, mostly military-age men, stormed the U.S. border, assaulting the Texas National Guard and destroying U.S. property in El Paso. Although federal immigration officials were reportedly uncooperative, Texas was able to arrest several rioters. But rather than hold the illegal aliens accountable, Judge Humberto Acosta ordered them […]

El Paso Judge Orders Release Of Migrants Seen In Viral Video Overwhelming National Guard

Texas Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the release of migrants Sunday who were seen in a viral video overwhelming National Guard troops. A group of illegal migrants was ordered released by the El Paseo, Texas judge during an online teleconference bond hearing after being arrested in connection with the March 21 stampede that was caught […]

Fast-food companies seeing low-income diners pare orders

Skyrocketing prices at fast-food joints and restaurants in the United States are causing people to fall down the income ladder, with executives at chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s recently raising concerns about losing business from customers with the tightest budgets. He said there was. Polls show that about a quarter of low-income consumers (defined as […]


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