Congress, Biden split on designating Wagner group as terrorist organization

Between Congress and President Biden over whether to designate a terrorist organization the Russian private military company Wagner, which has been at the forefront of aggression against Ukraine and has been accused of committing heinous atrocities in Ukraine and around the world. , there is a dispute. The Biden administration has sanctioned the Wagner Group […]

Leftist extremists launch ‘coordinated attack’ on police facility in Atlanta, prompting resolution to declare Antifa a terror organization

Weeks after left-wing extremists were quelled after reportedly shooting a Georgia state police officer, left-wing extremists launched a terrorist attack to stop construction of a new police training center in South River Forest in DeKalb County. resumed its activities. Police were again hurled with rocks and incendiary devices during anti-police demonstrations that turned into riots […]

Greene to introduce resolution declaring Antifa a terrorist organization

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) plans to introduce a resolution Tuesday declaring Antifa a terrorist organization after Sunday denouncing the group for protests at a police training facility in Atlanta. said. “Antifa are domestic terrorists and on Tuesday I will submit my resolution to formally declare them a terrorist organization,” she said. murmured on sunday. […]

Ron DeSantis skips CPAC as organization faces scandals

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis skipped the Conservative Political Action Conference this week amid growing tensions with former President Trump. DeSantis instead addressed the Club for Growth annual conference in Palm Beach on Thursday, tending to the party’s contributor base. A conclave of the top 120 Republican donors was held at the ultra-luxury Breakers Resort. “We’re […]

US Boosting Weapons Aid To Somalia For War Against Deadly Terrorist Organization

The United States on Tuesday authorized a mass shipment of arms and ammunition to Somalia to help fight Islamic extremist groups plaguing Somalia, according to a statement. About 61 tons of weapons, including AK-47 automatic rifles, heavy machine guns and ammunition, will arrive in Mogadishu to fuel the expansion of Somali forces against the al-Shabaab […]