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Climate orthodoxy punishes the West

The world is said to be in a climate emergency. Illegal immigration, airplane turbulence, and even dog behavior are all blamed on climate change. The prescribed solution is the forced adoption of less reliable and more expensive so-called green technologies, driving up costs and lowering living standards. Climate orthodox enforcers frown upon eating red meat, […]

Breaking the Matrix: An online right podcast takes aim at liberal orthodoxy

alex kashta I am the host ofDestructive”, a quirky podcast with perhaps the most memorable guests I can think of, from Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters to journalist Michael Tracy. Twitter Anonymous Behind Voice ChangerHer listeners are, of course, often sharp critics of liberalism. When people talk about what they love about “Subversive,” it’s usually […]

Biden Administration Forces Transgender Orthodoxy in Workplaces

The Biden administration is trying to force transgender legitimacy on ordinary Americans through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Officials say the EEOC aims to weaponize federal laws prohibiting sex-based harassment in the workplace by prohibiting employers from believing that biological sex cannot be changed by self-identity. It is said that there is. report By […]

Trump’s immigration policy becomes GOP orthodoxy

The once fringe immigration proposal pushed by former President Trump is now the backbone of the Republican Immigration and Border Patrol Platform. Trump, who leads the race for the 2024 Republican nomination, kicked off his 2016 candidacy with a speech denigrating Mexican immigrants, but was criticized at the time for being too out of touch […]

GREG GUTFELD: RFK Jr. is questioning Democratic orthodoxy

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. have understood. Happy Monday everyone. sorry. He may not be Jack Kennedy. He’s better-Jacked Kennedy. video oh yeah. hey you yes. Almost as torn as I was. It’s clear that Democratic presidential candidate RFK Jr. looks more like a late-night king than a politician. Over the weekend, […]

Liz Truss blames economic ‘orthodoxy,’ Conservative party for downfall

Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Sunday blamed economic “legitimacy” in the Treasury, other countries and parts of the ruling Conservative Party for derailing her position and “growth plans”. Truss’ term was cut short last year after much of the mini-budget was underfunded, tax cuts pushed up borrowing costs and mortgage rates, the pound […]