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Outrageous! Airbus points fingers at US but demands military deals

European aerospace company Airbus recently held the United States responsible for China’s unfair trade practices. This “blame the victim” approach accuses the United States of being responsible for China’s repeated violations of international trade agreements and the theft of intellectual property from American companies. This attitude is outrageous and should not be rewarded. Ironically, this […]

Judge rips Trump attorney over ‘outrageous’ statement to jurors

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Juan Marchand blasted Donald Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, for suggesting to jurors that the former president could face prison if convicted. “You can’t send someone to prison based on what Michael Cohen says,” Blanche told jurors in his closing argument. The prosecution objected, and the judge agreed, stricken the statement from […]

John Bolton defends Justice Samuel Alito amid ‘outrageous’ flag controversy

Former national security adviser John Bolton on Wednesday fiercely defended Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito from criticism following reports that two flags linked to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol were briefly flown outside his home. Asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if his recent reporting on the flag raised concerns about whether […]

Biden slams ICC’s ‘outrageous’ request for Netanyahu arrest warrant

President Biden condemned the International Criminal Court’s decision to proceed with arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant as “outrageous.” ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan said earlier on Monday that his office had been investigating Netanyahu, Gallant and other Hamas leaders for committing “war crimes and crimes against humanity” since […]

Voters want to tax outrageous CEO pay. Are lawmakers listening?

For decades, I’ve been conducting my own informal research on Americans’ views on CEO pay. Whenever family, friends, or strangers ask me about my job, I tell them it involves investigating executive compensation. For example, last year I realized that: CEOs of America’s 100 Largest Low-Wage Employers On average, it’s more than 600 times the […]

‘Outrageous’: Harmeet Dhillon Says Judge Merchan ‘Prevented’ Campaign Finance Experts From Testifying For Trump

Republican Party official and lawyer Harmeet Dhillon stated Thursday that presiding Judge Juan Merchan “prevented” campaign finance experts from testifying for former President Donald Trump in his New York case. Dhillon appeared on “The Megyn Kelly Show” to discuss Trump’s ongoing case in New York where Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged the former president […]

Biden admin temporarily drops ‘outrageous climate mandate’ amid flurry of lawsuits

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has suspended a controversial rule requiring private companies to disclose carbon emissions data following numerous lawsuits. The rule, finalized in March, was approved by 25 Republican attorneys general, along with energy companies Liberty Energy and Nomad Propant Services, business groups including the Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Energy Producers […]

Horace Cooper Rips Dem Mayor For ‘Outrageous’ Actions Following Chaotic Town Hall Meeting

Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper ripped Democratic Mayor Tiffany Henyard for her “outrageous” actions Wednesday on Fox News following a town hall meeting with her constituents that erupted into chaos on Monday. Cooper appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the recent town hall meeting in Dolton, Illinois where residents confronted Henyard over allegations from a Federal […]