Mayor Adams seeks to oust outspoken chairwoman of NYPD oversight board: sources

Mayor Eric Adams is seeking to fire the interim chairman of the Civilian Oversight Commission, which is tasked with investigating complaints against the NYPD, according to people familiar with the matter. At some point last week, Phillips Banks, an Adams aide, asked Arva Rice to resign as chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), […]

Outspoken pro-Israel Columbia professor denied entry into ‘liberated zone’ encampment

An assistant business professor at Columbia University and Israel native, Shai Davidai, was dumbfounded Monday morning after he was barred from entry into the campus’s “liberated zone.”  Davidai and other pro-Israel demonstrators were outside the campus gate, hoping to enter, video footage posted to X showed. The encampment was set up at the university in […]

‘Snow White’ reboot star who slammed 1937 original remarks on ‘backlash’ she has gotten for being ‘outspoken’

Rachel Zegler, star of Disney’s live-action Snow White, recently spoke out about some of the backlash she has received for her “outspokenness” throughout her Hollywood career. The Colombian-Polish actress wrote in a quote for The Wrap’s 2023 “Latinx Power List” feature that she faced “backlash” for her “outspoken statements.” admitted. The statement comes after months […]

4 Outspoken Christians Land on Time Magazine’s ‘100 Next’ List for 2023

time The magazine’s annual “Next 100” list includes several outspoken Christians, including a prominent church co-pastor, an NFL star and an astronaut. of time next 100 The list was created in 2019 to recognize “up-and-coming leaders in health, climate, business, sports, the arts and more,” according to the magazine. The list includes outspoken Christians, including […]