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An overwhelming majority of middle-class Americans say they are struggling financially

Jack Otter and Barron’s Roundtable senior writer Nicholas Jasinski discuss why interest rate cuts are unlikely in 2024. The majority of middle-class Americans Financial difficulties According to a new poll, they expect it to last a lifetime. According to a survey released by the National Cost of Living Coalition, 65% of Americans who earn more […]

‘Overwhelming Chance’ Trump Will Be Convicted in New York Business Records Trial

Former FBI Director James Comey told NewsNation’s “Dan Abrams Live” on Wednesday that he believes former President Donald Trump will be convicted in a business records trial in New York. Host Dan Abrams asked, “If you were the district attorney of Manhattan — you’re a former top prosecutor in New York, not the district attorney […]

Comey sees ‘overwhelming chance of conviction’ in Trump hush money case

Former FBI Director James Comey suggested Wednesday that there is an “overwhelming chance” that former President Trump will be convicted in his hush money trial, which concludes this week in New York City. “The likelihood of a conviction is overwhelming, there is a significant but much smaller chance of a hung jury, and there is […]

‘Overwhelming’ Number Want Trump’s Border Wall, Immigration Laws Enforced

Ann “overwhelmingAccording to the latest polls, many Americans want President Trump to build a great, big, beautiful border wall and tighten immigration controls. Several people also want mass deportations. “When it comes to immigration, one thing is clear: Americans overwhelmingly support building a border wall and vigorously enforcing existing immigration laws,” the paper wrote. ing. […]