Americans owe $1 trillion in credit card debt

Credit card balances in the US have crossed $1 trillion, depending on who you ask. Or it’s coming soon. The average interest rate on new cards is 24%, the highest since the Reaganomics era. The typical American family today $10,000 in credit card debtin one estimate, according to another record. If you don’t have a […]

Whitlock: Men do not owe women an apology or reparations

Women’s sports do not suffer from a lack of support. They suffer from lack of interest. Since 1972, since the implementation of Title IX, a federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in education, virtually every federally funded American school has stopped financial investment in women’s athletics. I oblige. America is backwards when it comes to supporting […]

Republicans Yelling During Biden SOTU ‘Despicable’ — You Owe Him ‘Respect’

Whoopi Goldberg told her co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” Wednesday that Republicans who yelled during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address were “despicable.” Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “Remember, it was Joe Wilson who yelled at Obama, ‘You’re lying.’ That lack of civility has never been shown before.” They made him apologize to the […]