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Maryland Gov Moore to pardon 175,000 Marijuana convictions in massive executive order

Maryland’s Democratic governor, Wes Moore, is set to pardon more than 175,000 people with marijuana-related convictions on Monday in one of the nation’s most sweeping drug policy rollbacks. Moore’s plan would apply to about 100,000 people convicted of low-level marijuana possession, which is increasingly legalized across the country for medical and recreational use. “I’m thrilled […]

Moore to pardon 175,000 marijuana convictions in Maryland

Maryland Governor Wes Moore (Democrat) plans to issue a mass pardon on Monday for more than 175,000 people with marijuana-related convictions. The amnesty would be the nation’s largest amnesty for a drug currently in widespread recreational use. in Washington Post interview, Moore said this would be a step toward healing decades of social and economic […]

KJP Doesn’t Rule Out Commutation For Hunter Even After Biden Promised No Pardon

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not rule out a commutation for Hunter Biden following his Tuesday verdict, even after President Joe Biden promised to not pardon his son. A Delaware jury convicted Hunter Biden on three felony gun counts on Tuesday which related to his purchase of a Colt Cobra revolver in October […]

Former Trump adviser says he would ‘love’ to see Trump pledge to pardon Hunter Biden

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign adviser David Urban suggested the former president pledge to pardon Hunter Biden, who was convicted on federal firearms charges on Tuesday. “Look, what I’d like to see happen is for President Trump to make a statement saying, ‘If Hunter Biden participates in an inpatient or outpatient sobriety program, appears in […]

Texas DA to request reversal of pardon for former Army soldier who killed BLM protester

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Austin DA requests reversal of Daniel Perry pardon

The district attorney in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday asked a state appeals court to overturn Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) pardon of Daniel Perry, a convicted murderer who has become a political pariah among conservatives. Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza said at a press conference that he asked the court to overturn Perry’s pardon “to […]

You Should Ask Biden if He Commits to Not Pardon Hunter Biden After the Election

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) put stand-in host Peter Alexander in a tight spot regarding a question about the pardon of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Cotton speculated that Biden would pardon his son after the November presidential election, but asked Alexander to ask if Joe Biden had any promise […]