Cannibal serial killer Denis Gorin pardoned by Putin for fighting in Ukraine

Convicted Russian serial killer and cannibal granted pardon in exchange for fighting in Ukraine, days after it was revealed that President Vladimir Putin freed a notorious Satanist killer It was done. Denis Gorin, 44, from the town of Aniva in the Sakhalin region, was sentenced to 22 years in a penal colony in 2018 for […]

Russian who put lover’s body through meat grinder pardoned

A convicted Russian murderer who murdered his girlfriend and put her body through a meat grinder, and who shares a last name with Ukraine’s president, has been pardoned for participating in the war. In 2018, Dmitry Zelensky, a 41-year-old Chechen war veteran from the Perm region, strangled 27-year-old Tatiana Melekina to death with his bare […]

NJ man, convicted fraudster pardoned by Trump, faces fraud charges again

A New Jersey man who was twice convicted of defrauding investors of $230 million and whose lengthy sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump will be indicted again on fraud charges, New Jersey federal prosecutors said Wednesday. Eliyahu “Eli” Weinstein, 48, of Lakewood, also known as Mike Koenig, is one of five men charged with […]

Most Americans want to see Trump pardoned: poll

Former President Donald Trump remains the front-runner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, and a majority of Americans want him pardoned, according to a new poll. Even after Trump was indicted last week on 37 felony counts related to alleged mishandling of classified documents, 59% of Republicans voted for him in the Republican primary, according […]

Australian woman pardoned after spending 20-years in prison for murdering her children

(Photo credit: JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT/AFP via Getty Images) Brooke Mallory of OAN3:03 PM – Monday, June 5, 2023 New scientific evidence has recently emerged to prove that the deaths of an Australian woman’s four children occurred of natural causes, as she had previously claimed, leading to Monday’s pardon and release. connected. advertisement She had already served […]

Nikki Haley says Daniel Penny should be pardoned over NYC subway chokehold death

Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Calls Daniel Penney’s Arrest “Unjustified” and Calls for Kathy to Pardon Ex-Marine Charged with Manslaughter for Choking Death of Jordan Neely I made a request to Governor Hochul. In an interview Tuesday on WABC’s “Cats & Cosby” show, the former South Carolina governor defended Penny, saying earlier that when Neely […]

Arrest warrant issued for Kodak Black, rapper once pardoned by Trump

Tampa, Florida (WFLA) — An arrest warrant has been issued for rapper and Florida native Kodak Black, who violated bail conditions when he failed a drug test earlier this month, officials said. Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Capri, violated the terms of his pretrial release by failing to submit a sample for a […]