US National Parks see new regulations restricting tourist flights

There will be fewer tourist planes and helicopters flying over Mount Rushmore and other national monuments and parks under new regulations aimed at protecting the tranquility of America’s most beloved natural areas. Become. Air tourism has been a decades-long battle between travelers and tour operators complaining about noise, but the situation is reaching breaking point […]

‘You are no Rosa Parks’

Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush received backlash online this weekend for comments that evoked the memory of Rosa Parks on the anniversary of her famous arrest. Friday’s tweet from the “Squad” members included a quote from Parks, whose famous act of refusing to give up her seat on a bus on Dec. 1, 1955, galvanized […]

France To Ban Smoking On Beaches, Public Parks, Near Schools

France is also planning to ban “puff” (representative) Paris: The French government announced on Tuesday that smoking will be banned on all beaches, parks and forests, and near schools in the country. “From now on, non-smoking areas will be the norm,” Health Minister Aurélien Rousseau told reporters at the launch of the government’s anti-smoking program. […]

Ohio state parks approved for fracking, prompting bitter protest

Some state parks could be fracked in Ohio, a government committee decided Wednesday, even as an investigation into oil and gas companies alleging possible fraudulent aid continues. . In a raucous meeting attended by many opponents of hydraulic fracturing, the Ohio Oil and Gas Land Control Board approved hydraulic fracturing by an outside party on […]

People Defecating in Line at Disney Theme Parks

Lines for major attractions at Disney theme parks have ballooned to such long wait times that people are reportedly relieving themselves near where they’re standing. by new york postwitnesses and theme park visitors have been raising awareness about the issue on social media, and the issue is said to have been a problem at both […]