Hunter Biden had FBI mole to protect Chinese partners, Gal Luft says

According to Israeli energy experts, Hunter Biden had a highly paid FBI agent named “One-Eye” who provided classified information about government investigations into his Chinese business partners. The whistleblower was arrested in Cyprus last month after the U.S. Department of Justice accused him of being a gunrunner and demanded his extradition. Dr. Gal Luft is […]

Semafor partners with think tank ‘linked to China Communist Party’

News site Semafor, recently co-founded by BuzzFeed and former New York Times star Ben Smith, has touted a new partnership with a Chinese think tank suspected of having ties to Beijing’s ruling Communist Party. The site touted an “ambitious new initiative” with the China Center for Globalization (CCG). The initiative “creates a new platform for […]

Ben Smith’s Semafor Partners with CCP-Linked Think Tank

Semafor is a news media outlet co-founded by BuzzFeed founder Ben Smith. announced A partnership with the China Center for Globalization (CCG), a think tank effectively run by the Communist Party of China (CCP). semaphore market Providing a “trusted news source” that provides an “unparalleled level of journalistic transparency” to “rebuild trust” with news media […]