Disney to crack down on password-sharing after CEO Bob Iger wins board fight

Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger said Thursday that Walt Disney’s streaming service aims to drive subscriber growth and increase business profitability. The company announced that it will start cracking down on password sharing starting in June. Iger also hinted at the need for consolidation in the streaming industry in a wide-ranging interview with CNBC, saying […]

Hulu users outraged over password-sharing crackdown

Hulu will mirror the moves of its streaming rivals by cracking down on password sharing and forcing irate customers to pledge to obtain content from pirated websites. Hulu posted: We revised our terms of service on Wednesday. It informed users that they are prohibited from sharing their passwords outside of their “primary personal residence.” According […]

Netflix may hike prices after success of password-sharing crackdown

Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown likely boosted its subscriber count by about 6 million in the third quarter, and the streaming pioneer is expected to prepare for a price hike in its earnings report on Wednesday. . Netflix, the only major streamer to make a profit, has resisted rivals such as Walt Disney Co.’s increase in ad-free […]

Disney+ password-sharing crackdown reportedly coming soon

David Dietze, senior investment strategist at Peapack Private Wealth, explains why Disney and Meta could be great investments for the Craman Countdown. The Walt Disney Company’s streaming service will begin cracking down on password sharing in Canada in the coming weeks, according to a new report. According to a report this week in Canadian media […]

Netflix adds 6M new subscribers in Q2 after password-sharing crackdown

Streaming video pioneer Netflix disappointed Wall Street on Wednesday as its shares fell more than 5% in after-hours trading as second-quarter sales fell short of analyst expectations. That sales figure, along with lower-than-expected third-quarter sales, was overshadowed by the addition of 5.9 million new streaming customers from April to June and marginally better-than-expected earnings. Shares […]

Netflix gets 100K daily sign-ups after password-sharing crackdown

Daily subscriptions to Netflix in the US surged in the first few days after the streaming giant’s password-sharing crackdown went into effect on May 23, according to data from research firm Antenna. Shares of the company rose 2.3% in early trading on the news to $418.92. Seeking new ways to make money in a saturated […]

Netflix reveals more details about password-sharing crackdown

Netflix on Wednesday made plans to crack down on account password sharing on its streaming platform, including setting a prime location and paying a few bucks for additional members. With an estimated 100 million people using shared accounts worldwide, the video-streaming giant allows members to easily manage who has access to their accounts, transfer profiles […]

Netflix password-sharing crackdown details released

Additional information has emerged about Netflix’s efforts to restrict members from sharing passwords outside of their family. of “Share your Netflix account” page In a help center for the streaming giant Costa Rica, Chile and Peru on Wednesday, it said that “anyone in your household (who lives with you in your primary location)” can use […]