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STEVE PAVLICK: Will There Be Election-Integrity Concerns This Year?

An October 2023 Public Affairs Council/Morning Consult poll found that only 37% believe the 2024 elections will be both honest and open to all eligible voters.  Democrats were more confident in the integrity of the election process, with 50% saying they believed the elections would be honest and open; just 35% of Republicans and 24% of independents […]

STEVE PAVLICK: Is This The End Of The Road For Mitch McConnell?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, Kentucky) has publicly spoken about three “health episodes” in the past six months, and many believe that these “episodes” I wonder how many of them happened behind the scenes. Last week, McConnell appeared unable to answer a question from a Kentucky reporter whether he planned to run for re-election […]

STEVE PAVLICK: The Budding Bromance Between Putin And Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently visited Russian President Vladimir Putin to cement an expanding strategic partnership. Remember, it was Putin who visited Xi Jinping last year, days before he invaded Ukraine. It is worth noting that Xi Jinping has met with Putin more than any other world leader. Xi recently unveiled his 12-point peace plan […]