Dem mayor of LA begs rich people to help pay to house the homeless

Los Angeles’ Democratic mayor has argued that the city cannot afford to fight the homeless crisis alone.she is now asking wealthy residents and charities You’ll have to fork out millions more to address the problem. On Monday, Mayor Karen Bass gave the State of the State address. The speech lasted just under 35 minutes, but […]

Tax refunds up from last year with most Americans planning to pay down debt or save

Kudlow’s panelists Steve Moore, Kevin Hassett and Steve Forbes react to the president’s planned significant tax increases. American taxpayers will receive larger benefits on average tax refund A new report from the Bank of America Research Institute finds that, compared to a year ago, most people plan to use that money to pay off debt […]

‘I pay what I owe’

Billionaire Mark Cuban said he was “proud” of paying hundreds of millions in taxes to the IRS in a mocking X post ahead of Tax Day. The Dallas Mavericks owner made the statement Sunday amid a back-and-forth discussion with Outkick writer Ian Miller after Cuban criticized former President Trump’s tax cuts. . “Mark, I’m not […]

Denver Mayor Defunding Police and Fire Depts to Pay for More Migrant Services

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston wants the city to devote more cash to housing and care for undocumented immigrants as the city continues to drown in waves of undocumented immigrants and the costs hit the Mile High City like a tsunami. proposed defunding police and fire departments. The city is increasing spending on free food, clothing, […]

Our nation owes a to debt to these heroes of Vietnam. Let’s pay it off

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. “There is nothing stronger than kindness, and nothing is kinder than true strength.” I believe these words of St. Francis de Sales are at the heart of the warrior spirit. It may sound strange, but it is true that wars are won through overwhelming force. But in […]

Report: 41% of Small Businesses Can’t Pay Rent this Month

More than 40% of U.S. small business owners say they couldn’t pay rent on time or in full for the month of November, the highest this year. The small business network group Alignable released the survey, which found that the hardship varies by industry. A notable 57% of beauty salons said they couldn’t make rent as well […]


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