Electric Vehicles And Paying For Our Highways

With anticipated growth in electric vehicle (EV) sales in the United States, the question remains: How are EVs going to pay their fair share of maintaining our nation’s highway infrastructure? The Highway Trust Fund was created in 1956 by Congress to pay for our Interstate Highway System. Currently, the fund receives monies from the federal […]

Anthony Volpe’s swing change already paying off for Yankees

PHOENIX — Anthony Volpe was unwell Sunday, feeling the effects of the Yankees’ trip to Mexico City. That was pretty much the only concern about Volpe’s start to the season. The Yankees shortstop spent the offseason flattening his bat trajectory and immediately saw results in the season-opening series, further confirming what the team saw from […]

NYC drivers one step closer to paying $15 congestion tax after board approval

New York City drivers will likely soon pay a $15 congestion tax every day they enter Manhattan south of 61st street this summer, following the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s approval of the plan on Wednesday. The proposal was approved in an 11-1 vote, with just one MTA board member from Nassau County voting against the measure. […]

RNC Is ‘Not Paying Any Legal Bills’

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story” that the committee “does not intend to pay any legal fees.” On the MeidasTouch Network podcast, Democratic National Committee Chairman Jamie Harrison said: They are eliminating lines of credit and laying off staff. They can’t even afford to spend money on […]

RNC resolution to ban paying Trump’s legal bills is ‘dead’

The Republican National Committee (RNC) was unable to secure enough state support to pass a resolution barring former President Trump from paying his legal fees. Henry Barber, Mississippi’s national commissioner, confirmed to multiple news outlets that a resolution he authored that would have barred the committee from taking up the former president’s growing bill has […]


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