Uber Eats removes peanut butter joke after outrage

An Uber Eats commercial about forgetfulness has sparked a reaction from allergy research groups and others over a portion of the ad that features a man eating peanut butter forgetting he has a peanut allergy. Food delivery company Uber Eats paid about 100 million yen $14 million It will appear as a one-minute spot during […]

Peanut, the world’s oldest chicken, dies at 21 in Michigan owner’s arms

CHELSEA, MI – The world's oldest surviving chicken, abandoned by its mother at birth, has died at the age of 21. peanut the chicken He died in his sleep in his owner's arms on Christmas morning. “I'm really saddened by her death,” Marci Parker Darwin told FOX Weather. “She was a wonderful little bird and […]

Unconventional uses for peanut butter that will amaze you

Peanut butter, a beloved kitchen staple for many around the world, is so much more than just a sandwich or mixed in with jelly. Beyond its typical role, this creamy concoction has surprisingly unconventional uses. The idea that peanut butter has uses beyond being a delicious spread may sound like something out of a trivia […]

Bankman-Fried subsisting on bread, water and peanut butter in jail: lawyer

Lawyers for FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried said Tuesday that his client is struggling to adequately prepare for his trial in a Brooklyn prison, subsisting on nothing but bread, water and peanut butter. claimed. Bankman-Fried appeared in federal court on Tuesday, among seven alternate indictments accusing the fallen cryptocurrency mogul of wire fraud, securities fraud, fraud […]


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