Donald Trump hush money jury asks for Michael Cohen, David Pecker transcripts

NEW YORK — Jurors in former President Trump’s hush-money case began deliberations just hours ago Wednesday before returning their first two letters, requesting to reconsider key testimony four times and asking to hear the judge’s instructions again before recessing. Jurors will receive the requested information Thursday morning and continue to consider Trump’s fate. In the […]

David Pecker was ‘swatted’ the day he testified in Trump trial: Report

A former magazine publisher at the center of former President Trump’s criminal hush money trial was “knocked down” on the day Trump testified in the case. Reuters reported Monday. An unidentified person claimed in an April 25 email that he had tied up his wife in the basement of his home and murdered a man […]

Former judge calls Pecker an ‘outstanding’ first witness in Trump trial

Florida Judge Jeff Swartz praised former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker as an “outstanding” first witness in former President Trump’s hush money trial, calling him “incredibly reliable.” ” he said. “I think David Pecker was an excellent choice to be the first witness,” Swartz said during an appearance on CNN on Saturday. “He set the […]

Why is David Pecker still in Trump’s good graces?

Donald Trump has many enemies – or so he says. But David Pecker, former publisher of the National Enquirer and the chief witness in the Manhattan district attorney’s case against the former president, who has an immunity deal with prosecutors targeting Trump, is among them. does not seem to be included. “David was very kind,” […]

How David Pecker strong-armed Tiger Woods into Men’s Fitness cover

Tiger Woods was caught having sex with his mistress Mindy Lawton in an Escalade in 2007, years before his affair became public. But the solution to stopping this information from leaking came from a most unlikely source: David Pecker, head of the National Enquirer. On Thursday, on stage at Donald Trump’s hush-money trial, Mr. Pecker […]

David Pecker describes ‘catch and kill’ stories at Trump trial

David Pecker described his “catch and kill” strategy against Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods and Mark Wahlberg during Donald Trump’s hush money trial on Thursday. A former spokesperson for the National Enquirer accused Schwarzenegger, who was then married to Maria Shriver, of infidelity and sexual harassment shortly after Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy for California governor in […]