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Democrat California State Senator Roasts Party for Trying to Protect Pedophiles

A Democratic senator from California who is working to extend prison sentences for pedophiles is fed up with members of his own party not fully cooperating. On May 23, lawmakers were considering a bill that would make it a felony to purchase or solicit a minor for commercial sex acts. New York Post report Thursday. […]

California Democrats vote for illegal immigrant pedophiles

California Assemblyman Bill Essari (R-CA) recently proposed a bill that would circumvent California’s sanctuary law only for illegal immigrants who harm children. He seemed certain to win, but all state Democrats voted against the motion. “I was inspired by two specific cases that happened in California,” Essari said. Glenn Beck. In one such case, a […]

California Dems vote to continue protecting illegal alien pedophiles with ‘sanctuary’ policies

California Assemblyman Bill Esselli, a Republican, forced a vote on his bill on Tuesday. Assembly Bill 2641The move would end “sanctuary state” protections for illegal aliens convicted of child sex crimes. california Sanctuary policies are a threat to national authorities. From turning illegal immigrants over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. With limited cooperation, ICE […]

“They Literally Don’t Give A Damn”: CA Dems Vote Unanimously To Keep Protecting Illegal Immigrant Pedophiles

California Congressman Bill Esseri was cut off from the microphone today as he pushed for a vote on a House bill that would eliminate California’s “sanctuary state” protections for illegal immigrant pedophiles. “Congressional Democrats unanimously blocked the vote. [on Assembly Bill 2641]This will ensure that illegal immigrant pedophiles continue to be protected from deportation,” the […]

Nickelodeon hired or worked with child molesters, pedophiles

Nickelodeon reportedly employed convicted child molesters and pedophiles who worked on the sets of children’s shows produced by Paramount’s cable network. legal records Retrieved by DailyMail.com The network was found to have employed or collaborated with five convicted child predators and two others accused of pedophilia. This shocking number was previously unknown, but a recent […]

Kentucky Democrat Suggests Child Sex Dolls for Pedophiles: ‘Gives Them a Release’

Kentucky Sen. Karen Berg (D) proposed issuing “child sex dolls” to pedophiles to prevent child abuse, saying child sex dolls would give them “liberation.” “I didn’t know anything about child sex dolls, so of course I Googled it last night,” Berg said Thursday while speaking at the Kentucky General Assembly. See below: You know the […]

Kentucky Dem suggests child sex dolls could protect kids from pedophiles

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