Fearless Josh Hart is perfectly built for Knicks, NYC spotlight

Personality and player Josh Hart was made for Broadway. He likes to spread out, and the big Apple has more room for his elbows. “Portland was cool, New Orleans was cool,” said Hart, who played in those two small markets before joining the Knicks. “But it was a little too compact for my taste.” Josh […]

Archaeologists Find Two Perfectly Preserved Bottles Buried At George Washington’s Home

A stash of two bottles filled with cherries were uncovered by archaeologists working at George Washington’s historic Virginia home, they revealed Monday. The two perfectly intact European-manufactured bottles were uncovered in the cellar of Washington’s Mount Vernon home, according to a statement from the Mount Vernon estate. The bottles are made of dark green glass […]

‘Tucker Carlson, They Fired Him’: Joe Rogan And Aaron Rodgers Perfectly Describe The Censorship Industrial Complex

Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers, both of whom have been relentlessly vilified by left-wing anti-speech activists, spoke out on Wednesday’s episode of Rogan’s podcast about silencing anyone who doesn’t have an acceptable, homogenized, left-wing perspective. It perfectly described the current trend. talk In response to public calls for Rodgers to be removed from his weekly […]

‘Working Perfectly’: Newt Gingrich Explains Why Democrats’ Border Policy Is ‘Deliberate’

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich criticized the Biden administration's immigration policies on his Fox show Thursday, saying the policies are “working perfectly” for “far-left” voters. Gingrich appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the ongoing crisis at the southern border, where record numbers of illegal immigrants are crossing under the Biden administration. management. Fox guest host […]