Cops face relentless threats as politicians sway toward criminals

Last week was National Police Week. It was an opportunity to celebrate the dangerous and thankless work of law enforcement and police officers across the country. This achievement was made clear by the addition of 282 names. national law enforcement monumentPolicymakers and ordinary citizens would do well not just to commemorate the war dead, but […]

Celebrities, Politicians React to ‘Monster’ Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Following Release of 2016 Cassie Ventura Assault Footage

Recently released 2016 video footage showing Sean “Diddy” Combs brutally beating his then-girlfriend, Kathy Ventura, has not only caused a stir among Combs’ fellow celebrities, but also the general public and even the public. It also caused shock and anger from politicians in the department. On Friday, model Emily Ratajkowski responded: “Monster.” “Things are getting […]

Bookies Open Odds on Which Politicians Will Join Trump at Courthouse

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), Republican House Speaker Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), and Dr. Ben Carson are among the celebrities most likely to appear in court alongside former President Donald Trump. He is one of the people. This includes former Republican 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Governor Doug Burgum (R-North Dakota), Congressman Byron Donald (R-FL), and Cory […]

Taxpayer-Funded Research Investigated How ‘Populist’ Politicians Spread ‘Misinformation’ During COVID-19 Pandemic

The federal government has funded a multinational research project to examine how “populist” politicians are allegedly spreading disinformation and undermining public trust during the coronavirus pandemic. The National Science Foundation (NSF) is conducting a study to examine “how populist politicians have distorted medical communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, fostering polarized attitudes and mistrust among the […]

Politicians mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

Politicians on both sides of the political aisle recognized Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday. “This year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day is especially somber. Israel is currently at war with terrorists who have denied the right to exist and committed the worst genocide of Jews since World War II. Here in the United States, college campuses are […]

Murder Trial Of Politician’s Wife Grips Kazakhstan: 10 Shocking Revelations

New Delhi: Thousands of people in Kazakhstan are currently watching the trial of Quandyk Bysinbayev, a former minister accused of beating his wife Saltanat Nukenova to death. The Supreme Court case is live-streamed on social media like a dark reality show. Saltanat Nukenova, 31, was found dead in a restaurant owned by her husband’s relatives […]

How politicians killed food delivery in Seattle

For years, Gary Lardizabal made a living delivering food in the Seattle metro. But he says a new ordinance that went into effect in January is putting his livelihood at risk. The law, which was designed to increase pay for food delivery drivers, has resulted in a collapse of food orders. “I can’t pay rent. […]