Dave Portnoy hated Taylor Swift-Roger Goodell chat during Super Bowl

Barstool Sports founder and famous Swiftie Dave Portnoy was a little upset Sunday night when Taylor Swift spoke to Portnoy’s nemesis, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Portnoy expressed his dissatisfaction with X over the interaction at the 2024 Super Bowl. “I hate this” Portnoy Posted in X Contains clips of the conversation. Portnoy has hated Goodell […]

Dave Portnoy gives out his favorite bet for Ravens-Texans

Commercial Content 21+. Dave Portnoy is expecting a high-scoring game in Saturday's early NFL game. “Let's double your money in 3 hours tomorrow,” Portnoy wrote to X. “Texans vs. Ravens over 43.5 [points]. #DDTG” The Barstool Sports founder was so confident in his bet that he had to tease it about 30 minutes before announcing […]

Zach Bryan, Brianna Chickenfry ‘unfollow saga’ reaches Dave Portnoy

After the internet took notice of Dave Portnoy, the best friends were at a crossroads. The Barstool Sports founder claimed he was being “attacked” on social media by some fans who were asking questions about his podcast host's “BFFs.” briana chicken fries and her boyfriendcountry singer Zach Bryan, during Sunday's Golden Globe Awards ceremony. “Apparently […]

Dave Portnoy convinced Barstool producer is dating Tiffany Gomas

Barstool Sports' rumored new romance is catching Dave Portnoy's attention. Portnoy, the founder of the sports and pop culture blog, tweeted on his He questioned whether Wood and Tiffany Gomas were dating. Lockwood and Gomas, who made headlines in July for her in-flight meltdown after she was removed from an American Airlines flight, posted photos […]

Dave Portnoy plans to lend hand to beloved NJ pizzeria after fire

Dave Portnoy wants to be on the scene Saturday morning when a fire breaks out at a popular pizza restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The Barstool Sports founder endorsed Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza on social media, saying he would “definitely be there.” “I know there was a fire in Al Santillo this morning.” Portnoy wrote […]

Dave Portnoy ‘million f-king bucks richer’ after Michigan-Alabama bet

It's a good day for Dave Portnoy. The Barstool Sports founder is $1 million richer and can now watch his alma mater, Michigan, compete for a national championship. Portnoy was in Pasadena for Monday's dramatic tilt between Michigan and Alabama in the Rose Bowl, where he drove to just short of the goal line in […]

How Taylor Swift saved Dave Portnoy after ‘worst day ever gambling’

Commercial Content 21+ It's safe to say that Dave Portnoy is not a professional sports bettor. And when things go wrong, it can lead to horrible second-guessing. “I was so sure the Bills would beat the Cowboys that I switched my bet to Dallas just to see the same old Cowboys. Duck sucks. Stupid penalties. […]

Dave Portnoy doubles down on not hiring from Harvard, MIT, UPenn

Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy calls out prospective students from Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Pennsylvania after damning Congressional testimony that leaders failed to condemn anti-Semitism on their campuses. The company further strengthened its promise not to hire “I think there's a difference between free speech and hate speech, and if it's […]

Dave Portnoy goes on wild Kim Kardashian rant after Taylor Swift confession

Dave Portnoy supports Taylor Swift. The Barstool Sports founder, better known as Swift, has launched a fiery tirade against Kim Kardashian after Swift revisited their past feud in a recent cover interview with Time as 2023 Person of the Year. threw up. “Oh yeah, I brought her back to Kanye's world.” [West] Portnoy said so […]


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