Iranian paramilitary troops seize Portuguese ship with Israeli ties as tensions remain high

Iranian paramilitary Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) forces have seized a Portuguese-flagged ship owned by an Israeli billionaire, as tensions between the two countries remain high amid continued threats of attack. “UKMTO has received reports that an incident has occurred north-east of Fujairah in the UAE,” the UK Maritime Trade Operations Agency reported. “The vessel […]

Populists Make Big Gains in Portuguese Election as Europe Shifts Right

Europe continues to slide to the right as Portuguese voters rejected socialist rule on Sunday, cementing the populist-nationalist Chega party as the country’s main political force and potentially a coalition partner for the next government. There is. As corruption scandals hit the highest levels of the socialist government, Antonio Costa’s own chief of staff and […]

Portuguese populist party wins support as Europe leans right

The inconclusive result of Portugal’s general election means political uncertainty in the coming weeks, giving new energy to Europe’s shift to the radical right. Sunday’s vote saw a surge in support for populist parties, putting the hard right at the center of Portuguese politics. The close race between the two leading moderate parties remains unresolved […]

ICE Arrests Portuguese Illegal Immigrants Charged In Connection To Infant’s Death

Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers arrested three Portuguese nationals in the country illegally in connection with the death of a 1-year-old infant on February 17, according to a Thursday news release from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). . According to the statement, the three Portuguese nationals were arrested by local police in Pawtucket, Rhode […]

Portuguese man o’ wars washing up on Florida beaches due to heavy wind

New Yorkers flocking to Florida to enjoy a vacation in the sun should be wary of these marine creatures whose stings can cause pain. Portuguese Man's Owers, a stinging marine animal related to jellyfish with 30-foot tentacles, are washing up on South Florida beaches as a result of recent strong winds in the region. The […]

Portuguese police arrest prime minister António Costa’s chief of staff in corruption probe

Portuguese police have arrested Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s chief of staff who was raiding several public buildings and other facilities as part of a wide-ranging corruption investigation, the public prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday. According to prosecutors, the Supreme Court is also considering the suspect’s “use of the Prime Minister’s name and his involvement” to […]

Bomb scare sparked as tourist mistranslates Portuguese for ‘pomegranate’

It’s like a bomb. We’ve all probably stumbled over some embarrassing words while traveling abroad. But a Portuguese tourist mistranslates “pomegranate” in the local language, accidentally triggering a bomb threat and picking up the cake. The source of all the translation mistakes happened on Friday evening, when the unnamed Russian speaker, 36, from Azerbaijan, was […]

River of wine flows through Portuguese town

They certainly kept the wine flowing. Locals in a small town on the Portuguese coast were stunned Sunday when a river of red wine poured into the streets and two tanks holding 600,000 gallons of red wine owned by Revira Distillery suddenly gave way. I let it happen. Video posted online showed the red liquid […]