Dominatrix’s attorney busted smuggling fentanyl-laced pot into jail

A lawyer who represented Russian-born Empress Victoria Nasirova was arrested on Tuesday after being found guilty of trying to kill her friend with a drug-laden cheesecake. According to the Department of Corrections and police, Christopher Hoyt was visiting his client Nasilova at a Kew Gardens lockup when he was arrested. DOC Commissioner Luis Molina said […]

Remains found in fridge, soup pot belong to model

According to reports, DNA testing confirmed that a human leg found in a refrigerator and a skull removed from a pot in a Hong Kong home belonged to the slaughtered fashion model Abby Choi. The dismembered body parts of the glamorous 28-year-old influencer were found in the Yongmicheon village house rented by Choi’s former father-in-law, […]

New York prepared to issue 300 legal pot dispensary licenses

Check out what’s being clicked on new york . Nearly two years after legalizing recreational marijuana for adult use, New York continues to work to ramp up its potentially huge legal market. To date, 66 pharmacy licenses have been awarded and 4 shops have opened. new york cityThe first legal sale was in late […]

Missing head of slain Hong Kong model Abby Choi found in soup pot

The missing head of Hong Kong model Abby Choi was found in a soup pot — four people were charged Sunday in connection with the gruesome killing. Hong Kong police said Choi’s decapitated head had been boiled until only the skull remained. The Times of London reported. The rising fashion star, who has been featured […]