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Trump Is ‘Neutered, Powerless’ — ‘He Looks Beat Up’

MSNBC commentator Donnie Deutsch said Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump appeared devastated while attending a corporate records trial in New York City. Host Nicole Wallace said, “Donnie, in terms of Trump’s brand, I’ve said this a million times, and I’ve said it to you, this is the one thing he’s not […]

Jewish UPenn students say school is ‘powerless’ against anti-Israel protesters

Jewish students at the University of Pennsylvania on Monday attacked school leaders as “powerless” after anti-Israel demonstrators ignored government orders to disband an encampment on campus. The Ivy League’s interim president, J. Larry Jameson, warned school officials in an email Friday that failure to remove the tent city “immediately” could lead to sanctions, but protesters […]

Powerless Yemen Asks China to ‘Play a Greater Role’ in Middle East

Representatives of Yemen’s largely powerless legitimate government told Beijing on Tuesday at a meeting at the Foreign Ministry in Beijing that the regime “expects China to play a greater role in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East.” ” he said. In a meeting with Vice Foreign Minister Deng Li, Mansour Bagash, deputy minister […]

Police Say They Were Powerless as Gaza Protesters Storm War Memorial

British government ministers say: ‘I will not sit idly by’ after footage emerged of police failing to intervene as Palestinian protesters scaled London’s massive war memorial. He said he wanted people to see the disrespectful war memorial “in handcuffs”. Protesters climbed one of central London’s key war memorials on Wednesday night, straddled stones, shouted and […]

Powerless U.N. Complains Russia Ignores Its Requests to Aid Dam Victims

The frustrated and helpless United Nations on Monday alleges that the Russian government is denying aid workers access to Russian-occupied territories hit by the recent collapse of the Kakhova hydroelectric dam in southern Ukraine. The UN humanitarian coordinator for Ukraine, Dennis Brown, said in a statement that the organization had moved to Moscow and Kiev, […]

DeSantis’ board says Disney rendered them powerless

Members of Disney World’s oversight board, nominated by Gov. Ron DeSantis, said Wednesday that they were effectively rendered impotent after their predecessors quietly passed a restrictive development agreement shortly before a change of ownership. Stated. The former Disney-controlled board signed the agreement with the company on Feb. 8, a day before state legislators voted to […]