Tesla’s Sales Outlook Dims as Analysts Predict EV Decline in 2024

Elon Musk’s Tesla sales outlook has worsened, with two prominent analysts predicting a decline in EV deliveries in 2024. according to recent reports From Bloomberg, Piper Sandler’s Alexander Potter predicts Tesla’s car deliveries will drop 0.5% in 2024 to just under 1.8 million vehicles. Similarly, Jefferies’ Philippe Fouchois predicts a decline of around 3% to […]

Experts Already Predict Global 2024 Box Office Failure

After a disastrous 2023 at the global box office, Hollywood’s 2024 is already predicted to be even worse. “Gower Street Analytics has revised its 2024 global box office forecast to $32.3 billion.” read press release. Although this is slightly better than the original prediction of $31.5 billion, still “Based on current exchange rates, this would […]

Researchers predict a spike in fatal traffic accidents before and after the solar eclipse

As Americans prepare for solar eclipse Researchers have warned that road accidents could occur on Monday. There have reportedly been fatalities during previous solar eclipses, and authorities are preparing. fox news digital. Traffic fatalities increased by 31% during the 2017 total solar eclipse, including the day before and after the event. Experts noted that the […]

England Banning Puberty Blockers for Kids Will ‘Save Lives,’ Experts Predict

England’s National Health Service has declared that there’s not enough evidence of “safety and clinical effectiveness” for children and young people to be given puberty blockers to treat gender dysphoria. “Puberty blockers (gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analogues) are not available to children and young people for gender incongruence or gender dysphoria, because there is not enough evidence […]

Baltimore bridge collapse: Economists predict inflation ‘pinch’ for Americans

Louis Campion, president and CEO of the Maryland Trucking Association, spoke on “The Bottom Line” about the impact of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse on trucks and transportation routes. Economists said the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge continued to disrupt local shipping and maritime traffic on Thursday, leaving Americans in a “pin-itch” […]

Can’t Predict When Military Aid Package Will Come: US Warns Ukraine

U.S. official Jake Sullivan and Ukraine’s chief of staff met after the press conference. Kyiv: U.S. officials said Wednesday when Congress will approve a major $60 billion military aid package for Ukraine, as President Volodymyr Zelensky seeks Western air defenses after a Russian missile attack killed at least five people. He said he could not […]

Mellman: Any number in a storm — looking to predict elections

We want to know who will win the presidency. We become like sailors who choose “any port in the storm.” The phrase originated in his 1749 British erotic novel Fanny Hill, and entered American politics in 1841 as Winfield Scott’s presidential primary campaign slogan. Today, we’re not looking for ports, but for any numbers that […]

Economists predict much stronger growth in 2024. Here’s why

Scott Radner, chief investment officer at Horizon Investments, expects the Fed to cut interest rates three to five times in 2024. A group of influential business economists is expressing more optimism about the trajectory of economic growth. us economy In 2024. The latest research from the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), released Monday, predicts […]


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