Pricey college textbooks next on AI’s hit list? Professor says ChatGTP could replace them

AI software like ChatGPT could be used to replace textbooks in some colleges, transforming higher education and demanding a greater focus on critical thinking, says Fox told News. Terence Day, professor of geography at Okanagan College in British Columbia, said: “In essence, it could replace a textbook. “ Watch: CHATGPT Replaces Textbooks, Revolutionizes Higher Education: […]

Hunter Debuts 3 Pricey Paintings to Mixed Reviews: ‘High-Priced,’ ‘Terrible’

Hunter Biden debuted three new paintings in New York City on Thursday to mixed reviews. Nearly 50 people, including art viewers and critics, attended the “Bridging the Abstract” exhibition at Hunter’s art dealer Soho Gallery. Attendees saw expensive paintings priced at $85,000 each. Prices for Hunter’s artwork ranged from his $75,000 to his $500,000 throughout […]

Biden Boasts ‘Freezer Full’ of Pricey Ice Cream as Inflation Hits Americans

President Joe Biden boasted on Monday that he has a “freezer full” of one of the White House’s most expensive ice cream brands. “My name is Joe Biden. told the audience at an event held at the White House. “By the way, the refrigerator upstairs is full.” “I have a freezer full of Jenni’s chocolate […]

Veterans Affairs will cover pricey experimental Alzheimer’s drug

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) said Medicare would broadly cover $26,500 a year for experimental Alzheimer’s drugs, even if they don’t cover them. Rekembi will be available to veterans with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease who meet agency standards and the Rekembi label, according to an announcement Monday by drug makers Eisai and Biogen. The move makes […]

Costco shoppers have beef with pricey new food court item

Price-conscious shoppers are beefing up at Costco — listening to eye-popping price tags on the discount warehouse’s newest food court offerings. The $9.99 roast beef sandwich that hit the menu at Costco’s Lynnwood, Wash., location last week was a big jumping off point for the big box store, which has made a name for itself […]

Oregon liquor regulators caught ‘abusing’ position to snag pricey bourbons for themselves

SALEM, Oregon — Craving for rare bottles of bourbon is likely to cost executive directors and other senior officials of Oregon’s Liquor and Marijuana Regulatory Agency their jobs. An internal investigation by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, obtained by the Associated Press through a request for public records on Wednesday, found that Executive Director […]