US Warns Of Possible Terror Attacks At LGBTQIA+ Pride Events Globally

The United States has warned of possible terrorist attacks against LGBTQIA+ communities around the world. Washington: The US government is urging the public to be vigilant due to potential terrorist attacks against the LGBTQIA+ community around the world. “Due to the potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations, and acts of violence against U.S. citizens and interests, […]

FBI warns terrorist groups may target LGBTQIA+ pride events

new york (WPIX) – The FBI on Monday issued a warning that foreign terrorist organizations may target LGBTQ events and venues during Pride Month. Federal authorities have announced an increased threat from foreign terrorist organizations like ISIS over upcoming LGBTQ+ Pride events. With Pride Month just three weeks away, New York City is buzzing with […]

Target learned a lesson: Pride Month plans already upsetting LGBTQ activists

Facing backlash, Target plans to restrict stores that sell LGBTQ-themed products during Pride Month. Last year, the retail giant was subject to a boycott for selling “tuck-friendly” swimwear, LGBTQ baby onesies, and other pro-trans and LGBT products. Target has since removed some LGBTQ merchandise or moved it to less-trafficked areas of its stores after losing […]

Target to Only Sell Pride Month Collection at Select Stores Following 2023 Backlash

Following backlash and boycotts last year, Target announced that only select stores will carry its Pride Month collection this June. In a statement posted on its website Thursday, the company said that instead of rolling out the Pride Month collection in all its stores, it will offer “a selection of products including adult apparel, housewares, […]

Target Plans To Reduce Pride Merchandise After Backlash

Companies across the U.S. weave Pride themes into marketing campaigns AUSTIN, Texas – June 6: A customer purchases accessories for Pride Month at a Target store on June 6, 2023 in Austin, Texas. Companies across the country have started promoting LGBTQIA+ apparel in honor of this year’s Pride Month. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images) OAN’s […]

Target Limiting LGBTQ-Themed Merchandise for ‘Pride Month’ After Massive Blowback

Target will reduce sales of LGBTQ-themed products for Pride Month after taking a huge hit in 2023. After selling Pride-themed merchandise in all of its stores across the U.S. for the past 10 years, Target has announced it will only offer Pride-themed merchandise in select stores, according to CNN. report Friday. The store did Pull […]

Target selling Pride Month merchandise online and in ‘select stores’ after pushback

Target announced Friday that it will carry Pride Month products only online and in “select stores” this year, following backlash over last year’s designs. In a statement to The Hill, Target said it will offer a collection of products for Pride that include “adult apparel, home goods, food and beverages hand-picked based on guest insights […]

Axelrod: Biden ‘pride’ may cost him election

Senior Democratic strategist David Axelrod on Wednesday criticized President Biden’s economic message after a campaign event in Milwaukee, saying the president’s “pride” could lead to a failure in November. Mr. Biden has consistently framed his fight against the economy in the past tense, treating the issue as already won. Most Americans disagree, with polls showing […]

Biden’s Economic Messaging Based on His ‘Pride’, Not Empathy

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Outfront,” CNN senior political commentator and former Obama aide David Axelrod said President Joe Biden is not leading with empathy on his economic message, saying, “If… “If he doesn’t win this race, it might not be Donald.” It may be Trump’s own pride that brings him down. ” Axelrod said: […]