Americans’ Priorities Are Subordinate to ‘Nation of Immigrants’

Asked Wednesday whether the large and growing influx of economic migrants is good for American wages and rents, President Joe Biden’s border secretary Alejandro Mallorcas responded Wednesday that this is “a country of immigrants.” The Cuban-born pro-immigration border guard commander received several procedural questions from select journalists when he presented part of his new plan […]

Key House GOP caucus releases debt ceiling priorities

The leader of the Main Street Caucus, a prominent House GOP caucus of more than five dozen members, Published priority list To be pursued by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as part of his move to raise the debt ceiling. “Over the past few weeks, 70 members of the Republican Main Street Caucus have been […]

Americans disagree on policy priorities, Biden approval rating drops: poll

According to a new Marist poll, Americans are divided on the biggest problem facing their country. A poll found that 30% of Americans see the economy as the most important issue facing the country, and 20% believe the problem is a threat to democracy. All other options polled with one digit. The poll also found […]

Trump’s potential arrest distracts from legislative priorities at House GOP retreat

ORLANDO, Fla. – News of former President Donald Trump’s possible arrest made headlines at the Republican House meeting retreat on Monday, with reporters discussing the shocking developments revealed by Trump himself over the weekend. questioned the legislators. “What role does Donald Trump play in the Republican Party?” asked one reporter. “teeth [the possible indictment] political […]

House Democrat accuses GOP of ‘misplaced priorities’ on education

BALTIMORE — Republicans have “mis-prioritized” when it comes to education, seizing on what they see as issues they can win heading into next year’s election, according to one House Democrat. Republicans have been bent on issues such as parental rights and school curricula for months, while Democrats have gone on strike as the party that […]