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Boeing Blasted For Prioritizing Racial Quotas Over Safety And Performance

At today’s annual Boeing shareholder meeting, author and leading Critical Race Theory (CRT) critic James Lindsay will present a proposal from the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) to hold the world’s largest aerospace company accountable for its discriminatory and dangerous Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies. After multiple safety concerns regarding Boeing aircraft came to light […]

Biden Prioritizing Gaza Refugees over Americans to Win Michigan

On Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) accused President Joe Biden of prioritizing Gaza refugees over American hostages. The Biden administration is reportedly considering allowing Gaza refugees holding American hostages into the United States. Wisconsin Republicans say Biden was prioritizing electoral votes in Michigan over American hostages. “Senator Johnson, we’re thinking […]

Kathy Hochul Moves Forward with Prioritizing Illegal Aliens for NY State Jobs

New York State’s Democratic Governor, Kathy Hochul, is moving forward with a plan to restructure the Civil Service Commission to put undocumented immigrants at the forefront of the state’s work. In late January, Hochul approved the state’s plan to hire 4,000 undocumented immigrants for entry-level state jobs. Not only is the country preparing to put […]

Number of Americans Prioritizing Foreign Policy in 2024 Election Doubles in a Year

Associated Press (AP) and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research published Tuesday's poll found nearly twice as many Americans (about 40%) think foreign policy will be the top issue in 2024 compared to the same poll a year ago. Polls found that both Republican and Democratic voters ranked foreign policy as a more important issue; […]