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Pro-Biden TikTok creators say followers won’t vote for president

Social media figures who have supported Biden say they have lost thousands of followers to backlash over his policies and attacks on President Donald Trump, and many have vowed not to vote for him. Jay Gurley is a 24-year-old black transgender fashion creator with over 1.7 million TikTok followers. He told The Washington Post She […]

Pro-Biden Media, Loyalists Finally Admit He’s Not Actually Running The Country

President Biden’s media stooges and political allies are finally admitting what the rest of the country has known for months, years even: Joe Biden is not running the country. Following his disastrous debate performance, the pundit class immediately began ringing the alarm bells and calling for Biden to bow out of the presidential race. The […]

‘You Have To Be So Deeply Embedded’: Piers Morgan Torches Pro-Biden Influencer For Sticking By Biden’s Debate Performance

British journalist Piers Morgan defended President Joe Biden’s debate performance and slammed pro-Biden social media influencer Harry Sisson for trying to convince debate participants that Biden won his debate against former President Donald Trump. Sisson appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Friday to discuss the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump. While many Democrats […]

CNNLOL’s Pro-Biden Debate Rules Backfired Spectacularly

CNN, the far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and violence, believed they rigged Thursday night’s presidential debate in favor of Joe Biden, and it was just beautiful to see it backfire on their smug faces. Remember, as my colleague Wendell Fusebo pointed out, it was painfully obvious that nearly all of the debate rules […]

Moreno Campaign Releases Debate Ad on Sherrod Brown’s Pro-Biden Record

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno plans to run a statewide ad during Thursday night’s debate highlighting the close politics between President Joe Biden and Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio. The six-figure ad buy will see the “In Tandem” ads air across broadcast, cable, digital and streaming services during the debate, Moreno’s campaign announced in an […]

The pro-Biden moderators have done all they can to set Biden up for success

Fox News host Sean Hannity previews the upcoming CNN presidential debate during his opening monologue on “Hannity.” Sean Hannity: So what is the probability that the fake news CNN is biased in favor of Biden? Actually, there is a poll. By the way, right now, I announced it on my radio show, and over 90% […]

NBC’s ousting of Ronna McDaniel reinforces status as anti-Trump, pro-Biden network

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