Denmark Proclaims Frederik X As New King

On Sunday, Copenhagen witnessed a historic moment as Denmark celebrated the coronation of Frederick X, according to ABC News. Frederick X was proclaimed King of Denmark following the voluntary abdication of his mother, Queen Margrethe II. The newspaper said the event was a rare event in Danish history, making Margrethe the first monarch in nearly […]

Hobby Lobby Ad Proclaims ‘Glory to the Newborn King’

Hobby Lobby proclaimed the real reason for this Christmas season with a series of full-page newspaper ads that quoted the Bible with depictions of the Christ Child. The ad appeared in newspapers across the United States and featured a picture of the infant Jesus under the stars with the city of Bethlehem in the background. […]

Video: Church recites ‘The Sparkle Creed,’ which proclaims belief in ‘non-binary God whose pronouns are plural,’ Jesus Christ who ‘had two dads’

Minneapolis church live stream On Sundays, one of the pastors will lead the congregation to read the Sparkle Creed, which declares faith in Jesus Christ, who “had two fathers” and “a non-binary God with plural pronouns”. I caught the moment. thing. What are the details? One of the Reverend Anna Helgen Edina Community Lutheran Church, […]

Ellen Barkin proclaims her hatred of Republicans

[**] [****]Actress Ellen Barkin posted a scathing tweet on Monday, expressing her hatred of all Republicans.[*****][****]She apologized for her comments and blasphemy before making a brief belligerent declaration and quickly began ranting.[*****][****]”I’m sorry I have to say this. Sorry for my bad language. But I’m[*****] I hate these mothers*[****] Republican. To the last. F*[**] They […]

NYC Catholic Parish Church Proclaims ‘God Is Trans’

The Catholic Church of St. Paul the Apostle in Manhattan launched an exhibit titled “God is Trans: A Queer Spiritual Journey” that surprised many of its followers. Colorful showOn the wall of the Ultra Wake Manhattan Church is the work of artist Ada Unachukwu, representing an attempt to show how faith and gender identity intersect. […]


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