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Man who set himself on fire near NYC courthouse holding Trump trial pronounced dead

Man who self-immolated outside new york city Officials said he was pronounced dead at the courthouse where former President Trump’s hush money trial was being held. Maxwell Azzarello, 37, of St. Augustine, Florida, died Friday night of severe burns he set on fire earlier in the day in Collect Pond Park near the Manhattan Criminal […]

Researchers find ‘pronounced’ biological benefits in women after giving birth: ‘Remarkably large decrease in biological age’

Researchers have discovered that pregnancy brings special gifts to mothers. It’s not just newborns. last month, New research published in Cell MetabolismA peer-reviewed scientific journal showed that scientists confirmed what previous studies have shown: pregnancy puts a strain on a woman’s body in terms of her biological age. In other words, pregnancy accelerates aging. But […]

Ukrainian women’s presence in tech sector has become ‘more pronounced’ since war

Some entrepreneurs, businesses and investors say the war in Ukraine has encouraged women to take on leadership roles in the growing high-tech sector, giving them access to experience and connections abroad. The project is said to have the potential to be useful for economic reconstruction after the conflict ends. While most men are unable to […]

Friend.tech pronounced 'dead' after activity and fees tank – Cointelegraph

Decentralized social network Friend.tech has already been declared ‘dead’ by critics following a recent decline in key metrics such as activity, influx and volume, less than three weeks after its launch. . Friend.tech talked about the beta on Coinbase’s Layer 2 Base on August 11th. A week later, on Aug. 19, he surpassed Uniswap and […]

Louisiana man pronounced dead on Rocky Mountain National Park trail

A Louisiana man was found unresponsive Monday afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park and later pronounced dead. A 51-year-old man from Karencro was discovered by a tourist hiking through Colorado Park just over a mile from the Mount Ida Trailhead. The hikers used a personal location beacon to notify park rangers before beginning cardiopulmonary resuscitation […]

New York woman pronounced dead, starts breathing hours later

A Long Island, New York woman who was pronounced dead at the nursing home where she lived resumed breathing after being transported to a local funeral home, reports said. Fox Station WNYW An 82-year-old woman was pronounced dead Saturday at 11:15 am at the Water’s Edge Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Port Jefferson, New York. […]

Iowa woman mistakenly pronounced dead ‘gasped for air’ in funeral home

A nursing home in Iowa faces thousands of dollars in fines after a woman who was wrongly declared dead and was transported to a funeral home woke up “gasp”, officials said. The 66-year-old woman had been at the Glen Oaks Alzheimer Special Care Center since December 2021 before being transferred to a hospice care facility, […]