Antony Blinken swore he never emailed Hunter Biden — despite laptop proof

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken told a Senate committee in December 2020 that he never emailed his eldest son, Hunter Biden. The revelations spurred Republican allegations that America’s top diplomat committed perjury weeks before officially joining President Biden’s cabinet. “Have we talked? [Hunter Biden] on the phone? “A Senate Homeland Security Committee […]

Bud Light sales decline proof brands need to know their audience before going woke

It may be hard to believe now, but the Budweiser marketers who reached out to transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney probably thought they were the winners. prize. Woke sells — sometimes. A Nike ad featuring controversial one-knee icon Colin Kaepernick was killer — sneaker sales soared in the aftermath. And when not? Just days […]

Imprisoned Dissident Bishop Resurfaces in Proof of Life Broadcast

Nicaragua’s Ortega government released a series of photos and videos of Matagalpa Bishop Monsignor Rolando Alvarez this weekend. Amid mounting pressure from human rights and international groups demanding proof that the Catholic priest is alive. Media published through state media outlet Aligned with the Ortega government, the priest made his first public appearance since taking […]

Alvin Bragg Has Handed Trump ‘Proof Positive’ of His Long Narrative — ‘This Is a Political Prosecution’

On this week’s Fox News Sunday broadcast, George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s aggressive move to indict former President Donald Trump. . According to Turley, Bragg’s attempt would prove Trump’s rhetoric that it was a “political prosecution.” “They have discretion, but they don’t have the discretion to create their […]

Mexico’s leftist president claims proof of woodland elves in bizarre social media post

Tens of thousands gathered in the main square of Mexico City over the weekend, protest Their left-wing president and his policies. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has apparently turned his thoughts into fantasies rather than facing the real concerns of his citizens. Over the weekend, Obrador posted an image on his social media account of […]

I have creepy ‘proof’ Facebook is spying on me

After years of debate, another woman claimed her social media apps were secretly spying on her. “I know the phone is listening to me,” said Tania. TikTok video. “Tegan and I were talking about how our current exes are obsessed with our legs,” she explained. “Shortly after my sister and I met for a pedicure […]